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IMC Products ! Great Of India

IMC is a consumer-oriented company that aims to satisfy their customers to the fullest. We are driven to make a strong network base of satisfied customers and business partners and hence go out of our way to cater to the needs of the customers.


“Health is Wealth” is an adage that is the foundation of International Marketing Corporation (IMC). In this fast-paced world, everyone is running to accumulate comforts and securing a luxurious future. But if present is so stressful, is there any guarantee that you have a future leave aside a comfortable future? These thoughts triggered Mr Satyan Bhatia to do something that will give maximum health benefits and financial gain. Seldom one comes across an organisation that aims to work on the deteriorating health of the people and contribute towards the betterment of the society, but IMC was established with a mission to make every individual Fit and Financially Independent.


With a simple philosophy that if the bread earners of the family are earning well and providing a comfortable life to their family members, automatically society will be empowered. IMC aims to provide people with an opportunity to start their own business and be their own Boss. In 2007, IMC came into existence with Mr Ashok Bhatia as the chairman and Mr Satyan Bhatia as Managing Director geared up to embark their journey towards, “ Healthy Living with Herbal Products.” It enabled people to partner with IMC and build their own Network Marketing Business without worrying about financial constraints. Herbal Products were the backbone of the company as they believed that being born in India is an opportunity and its times to gather the ancient wisdom of herbs developed by the sages to fight against chronic diseases and bring a revolution in the country by launching Herbal Products. The herbal products are not just immunity builders or energy boosters rather IMC has developed herbal remedies for every disease from common cold to chronic diseases to skin care products.

In a short span of a decade, IMC has grown and become leading company in India that produces herbal products that are approved by Ayurvedic Drug Department and Government of Uttrakhand and are 100% vegan. The goal of IMC is to promote Swadeshi products in the domestic and International market via Network Marketing and eliminate the role of middlemen. By promoting Herbal Products IMC aims to bring back the century’s old science of Ayurveda that holds the secrets of disease-free life by consuming medicines made of organic and natural herbs. These Ayurvedic Products do not have any side effects and can heal even the most deadly diseases. Secondly, IMC aims to make everyone self-employed by giving them a tool in hand to start their own business without any investment by simply Network Marketing. It will not only help the people to start their own business but by eliminating middlemen the price of the commodity will also decrease and the business associates need not share their profits with middlemen. Of course one also gets freedom and flexibility to work according to his style and preferences. Keeping these benefits in mind IMC was incorporated and since a decade has been tirelessly working to fulfil their vision,” to promote Indigenous and Eco-friendly Products and preserve the natural resources of the country.”

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