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About Us: Amandeep Bansal

About Us: Great of India

Great of India is a platform founded by Mr. Amandeep Bansal, to feature the largest collection of Made in India products online. Our specially created product catalog will help you to quickly find the available Indian product options.

We want every Indian to understand the importance of patriotic spending. Rupees spent on Made in India products stay in India, and this helps to generate quality jobs locally. We believe recycling rupees can make the Indian economy strong again.

The Founder: Amandeep Bansal

In 2016, Amandeep Bansal realized that the entire Indian market was heavily filled with foreign brands, in spite of India having such a great working manpower. Also successfully running Indian brands were getting sold off to foreign companies within short span of time. 

He felt the urgency to resolve this, took the matter in his own hands and decided to expand his vision of bringing all the Indian businesses together on a dedicated platform. This is how came into existence.

This platform will serve as a directory resource connecting buyers to sellers. The website is just a new start up of India and do the goodness for India and Indian People. All of Indians are required to boycott the foreign products from any country and use only Indian products. Only then, my initiative will fulfill its purpose.

There are several swadeshi moments all over India. We will join together through this website. So, let’s Make India a beautiful place will lots of jobs and businesses.

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