A list of FAQ-frequently asked questions by the users of this website.

Ques- Is Great of India a shopping website?

Ans- No, Great of India is a directory of Indian Products, Services, NGOs, Brands, and much more.

Ques- Is it a Government owned website?

Ans- No, There is no involvement of any type of State or Central Government in the ownership of this website. This website is made for the world by like-minded Indian People.

Ques- How it Works for the Buyer / Customer?

  • Ans- Search for the desired products in the categories or search box. That will give you the list of Indian brands for the particular product.
  • If you want to order something online, You can directly contact the suppliers and pay them as per your mutual agreements. We don’t have any type of deals in between your transactions.
  • Shipping and replacements will also be done by the suppliers directly.
  • Buyers can give ratings and reviews for the sellers as per their own experiences, so that upcoming customers can read your genuine views about that supplier.

Ques- How it Works for the Seller?

  • Setting up an online shop at https://greatofindia.com/vendor-register is very easy and pocket friendly. No commission or any other charges are applied to your online sales after registration except the annual subscription fee.
  • Display your products at https://greatofindia.com/store-manager with all details like specification, product specialty, and price, etc.
  • Buyers can directly get your store’s detailed information without any type of registration.
  • Contact the Buyer to confirm order details, shipping & packing charges, order amount verification, and delivery schedule.  Store owner/seller is solely responsible for taking payment from the buyer into their account, shipping & packing, delivery of the order, and any other issue that arises with the buyer.
  • The Store owner / Seller is solely responsible for breakage, leakage, theft, pilferage, damage/and/or loss of any kind in transit or thereafter once the product leaves the Store owner/Seller’s place. Claim for any type in the consignment should be settled by the Store owner/Seller directly with the buyers or the courier company or any other agents. GreatofIndia.com  will not be responsible directly or indirectly for such claims under any circumstances.
  • GreatofIndia.com is only a listing platform and is not involved directly or indirectly in order processing, delivery of products, receipt of payment from buyers, and any other dispute between buyer and seller.