indian internship


Indian Internship

As an Indian intern, one might or might not have some experience working with individuals/companies, however the qualities that are truly imperative include enthusiasm, imagination, commitment, and energy! It would be beneficial to both, the Great of India Team as well as the intern if the latter could commit to at least three months of Indian internship.

Indian Interns Required for the following tasks:

1. Digital Marketing

2. Content Writing

3, Social Media Management

4. Web Designing

5. Creative Video Making


  • Certificate at end on Indian Internship. – You can show this certificate in future to any company where you want to work.
  • Your name and photograph will be published on team forever. – A great Indian team is required to build a our India greater. So let’s do work together.
  • It’s a chance to do something good for our India. – Every work done here is for the welfare of India only. We are committed for our India, so we need a team with similar thoughts.
  • The written content will be published under the name of the writer. So they can show in their portfolios.
  • You can do any work as you like, there is no restriction of working here.
  • You can join us as a part time intern, no need to come to office.
  • You can do the work whenever you want, at day or at night.


  • No salary or stipend will be provided, during or at the end of the internship.
  • You will not be working as an employee of the
  • As a team, if you suggest something, that will be debatable.
  • Minimum Three month internship is must for the certificate.
  • Maximum there is no limit of work.

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