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What is the best way to become rich in India ?

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These are 6 ways to become rich in India

1. Starting Your Blog (Website)
Do I sound too technical? Well! For your information I would like to say that you do not have to possess website designing knowledge to start a blog. Any person can start a blog (a blog is a website) because it is a as easy as starting an email account. Any body can become rich in India by using this method.
Now you might be thinking that it must take huge money to start a blog. Absolutely no. It takes around Rs 100/- to get a domain name (your website’s name and around Rs 200/- to host your website. You pay for your domain name annually (Rs 100/-) and you pay monthly for your hosting fees (Rs 200/-). The big deal is that while you pay just Rs 200/- per month for maintaining your site, you may end up earning thousands of dollars every month form your site.

2. Investing In The Stock Market
Have you heard about Rakesh JhunJhunWala? If not then let me have the privilege to introduce him to you. Rakesh JhunJhunWala is the billionaire stock investor from India. His investing style is based on Warren Buffett’s ( The multi-billionaire investor) style of investing. For all those who say that it takes a million dollars to make a million dollar, I would suggest them to read the stories of these two people who turned their thousands to billions.
You too join the league of multi-millionaire investors if you can maintain the discipline they maintained. You can start with just a few thousand rupees and then end up hoarding lakhs in a few years. However, I would suggest you to read books that describe Warren Buffet’s style of investing. He is wisest living investor on earth. Any body can become rich in India by using this method.

3. Writing An E-Book
Amanda Hocking was a poor dish washer. She liked writing novels and thus did write a few ones. However, the world is too cruel and therefore no publisher was willing to publish her novels. Hence, she decided to self publish her novels at Now, she is a millionaire. You too can become a millionaire writing and selling ebooks. Any body can become rich in India by using this method.

4. Selling Products On eBay
Many people are earning their daily bread at You too can join the league and earn income from ebay.
If you are creative and like things like :

  • designing T-shirts
  • making soft toys
  • making cute gifts, etc.

then you can open your shop at
If you are not creative in these matters, no problem, you can do what most retailers do : Purchasing certain items at wholesale price and then listing them at eBay at a higher price. The difference will belong to you and the difference will be enough to make you rich.
There is one more method. If you find someone around you, who is creative at arts and crafts, but doesn’t know how to sell his/her products then you can buy the products from him/her and then sell them at higher price at Any body can become rich in India by using this method.

5. Opening Your Own Online Store
The 4th advice was about making money through, the 5th advice is to kick out the broker (eBay) and start your own online store. It may look hard but you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Start a website
  • List the products you want to sell. ( It is not necessary for you to manufacture the products. You can buy products at wholesale price and then sell them at a higher price)
  • Use to receive the payments
  • Use a courier service to deliver the products

6. Buying Land
This method needs some money but has a sure return. You will not get a house loan to buy land but you can take the help of  personal loan to buy one. The concept is buying a large piece of land at the prevailing price and then selling off after a few years when the price has skyrocketed. But, I suggest you to read a few good books on real estate investing before purchasing land.
You shouldn’t buy land according to someone else’s advice. A purchase of land should be completely based on your own calculation. Hence you will have to prepare yourself to take an informed decision by reading books and articles on real estate investing. Any body can become rich in India by using this method.

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