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Indian Products

Think local. Buy products you know and love made by the hands of Indians and Indian businesses. Shop the Indian market for quality products made by India’s hands.

Unlike China and many other foreign markets, India is on a continuous growth path of self-renovation. Brands have started embracing new consumers.

By and large, Indian brands (fellow Indians) are taking this self-responsible direction. Indian products made in India, with Indian inputs, are made for Indians.

Here are our recommendations from a fairly wide selection of Indian products made by Indian entrepreneurs and Indian businesses, in India, for Indians, for our Indian markets, for making India strong.


The RealMeter is a device that attaches to a power outlet. This device measures your energy consumption and generates a report on your energy usage. It has a nifty calculator that works on easy-to-understand digits that makes it easy to figure out a safe energy-saving goal for your household.

This device, so far, is only available to us, at our home. Even if you are not in India, you can be sure that many of your friends and family are using one too.

It works on an induction loop, which is the most reliable energy meter in the industry.

It is quite accurate, so your bills will never be inaccurate. And yes, you can feel good that it is indeed keeping you on the right track towards energy self-reliance.


Over the past decade, Indian products made in India have gone from being the poor cousin of global products to being quite affordable and handy.

For example, investing in quality Indian clothes is quite an investment, but not too much of an investment to feel good about.

Most Indian clothing brands have come up with their make-in-India line of products. Some of these Indian-made brands include Eka, Goldblade, Uppal-Suzana, Pangea, Kailana, Deccan-Riva, and Manyavar, among others.

You can check out these Indian-made Indian brands for more Indian-made products and the makers of these Indian-made products.

Buy Indian products made by Indian entrepreneurs and Indian businesses, in India.


Buy in India. Buy in India. For those of you who are used to ordering foreign goods to your home, then commit to buy only Indian products. Commit to spend only on Indian products for a couple of weeks and then go back to buying foreign goods.

Buy in India. You are making India strong and India gets stronger.

Wife Oils

Indians love to cook. Indian mothers make a family meal. They even cook and bake in their homes. But often there are some complaints. Either their cooking tastes bland, or the oil they used is not up to par.

They also buy Indian oils from abroad, in bulk. But Indian cooking oils are now produced quite locally. They are so much more attractive and fresh than foreign oils.

Many people love to buy Indian oils, made locally, by Indians in India. You can shop for a wide range of oils, from oil to oil. You can find oils in every flavor imaginable and the hottest shade of red imaginable.

There are so many Indian businesses that make India-friendly products for your homes and use Indian ingredients.

Many of these Indian products come with a full-flavored essential oil, for easy usage and easy packaging.

They make natural soaps and creams, body moisturizers, face moisturizers, and hair care products, which are of good quality, at reasonable prices.

Make India strong and India gets stronger.

Homemade Candies

After making Indian products, make some homemade candies, made with fresh Indian ingredients. Make homemade candies for your kids. Make homemade candies to spoil your guests. Make homemade candies, made in India, for India.

Make Indian candies for your kids. Make homemade candies, made in India, for India.

You can make candies by just melting the candies, with your hands. Or you can make candies, using recipes, that you might have learned from your mother, from a friend, from your grandmother.